Welcome to Cooking Up Stories!  My name is Meredith Fierro, I’m a senior at the University of Mary Washington, and the creator of this project. This website is the final product of a semester-long project for my Applied Digital Studies class. Here on Cooking Up Stories, we are a space where users can create and share their own recipes. Those recipes can be an old family favorite or even a recently new favorite. The goal of the project is to display an understanding of  WordPress, and the development involved with building out a website. The website will be optimized for mobile users.

I got the inspiration for my project while I was at home. My family and I were talking about family recipes, over dinner. My grandmother commented on the fact that most of her recipes were all hand written and she wanted a way to share those recipes with the rest of the family. At the time I wasn’t officially assigned the project, but when it came up, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to create a website. With the move away from cookbooks towards devices, I thought creating a website like this would help increase the accessibility of recipes.